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You may have tried to have it all -- career, marriage, children. You may have focused on one of those aspects of life. Either way, you might feel something’s missing.

If you have that feeling, therapy can help you work through that feeling to a better, stronger place. You may already have the tools within you, and working together we can help you reach your goals.

Women’s Issues,

Women’s Therapy

Good therapy works with you as you are. Whether your issues stem from psychosocial, environmental, or biological causes, we can work through them.

Depression is a common concern for many women, at all stages of life. Depression is an illness which can lead to completely shutting down, and talk therapy can help with depression. While medication may be indicated in some circumstances, our therapy together encourages you to be an active participant in your treatment. The feelings involved in depression need to be understood and resolved.

Anxiety can also take over. While we all are anxious from time-to-time, anxiety disorder can interfere with daily tasks, and cause you to feel panic and stress all day long. Forms of anxiety can cause you to avoid social situations. 

You might anticipate bad outcomes for each decision. Therapy for anxiety helps you work through these fears, and lets you handle them. Identifying the problems causing the anxiety can be the first step towards successful treatment.

Hormonal changes, including those around childbirth and menopause, can lead to emotional challenges which lead to anxiety or depression with some people. Therapy can help women work through these emotional challenges before more severe problems arise.

Adverse treatment of you as a woman as well as low self-esteem/self-worth are also concerns which therapy can help. The variety of challenges women face can also lead to low self-esteem. These challenges are also a form of abuse which can lead to anxiety and depression, and therapy can both help you restore your self-esteem and deal with the after-effects of any adverse treatment.

How therapy

can help women

​The goals of therapy are identifying the causes of your distress and its symptoms, understanding them, and then developing strategies to handle them or even grow beyond them.

Learning to question thinking patterns -- which may stem from childhood or be caused by the expectations of others -- is the core of finding behaviors and strategies which work for you.

Another key part of therapy is finding someone you have a good fit with. The right therapists makes sure that you feel -- and know -- that you’re not alone. You’ll feel more comfortable opening up if you have a good fit with your therapist. The process can be challenging--because deep emotions are involved--but working through those challenges will help you grow into the person you want to be.