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Therapy Services for All
in McLean, Virginia

Transformative Personal Therapy In McLean, VA

Individual Therapy

Men and women seek therapy for a variety of reasons. Significant events -- or traumas -- trigger the immediate need for therapy, but many issues are based on the past as well as the present.

I provide therapy for people with issues around

· Anxiety and Fear
· Trauma
· Grief
· Depression
· Relationship issues
· Sexual dissatisfaction
· Marital conflict
· Parenting issues
· Workplace conflicts

​No matter the reasons leading you to therapy, we’ll work together to explore your feelings, become aware of their causes, and transform them, allowing you to create a positive vision for your life.

Regardless of what you bring into our therapy together, please call or email me to being the process of finding your way out.

Therapy for

Anxiety and Fear

Anxiety and fear can take control of your life. While many people with anxiety also are depressed, anxiety is based on specific triggers and causes.

Therapy for anxiety focuses on the patterns and causes of anxiety. We then work to create new habits which overcome the old ones causing the anxiety.

You’ll have solutions ready when events threaten to trigger anxiety again. You’ll then have found lasting peace and change because you’ll find that the anxiety isn’t triggered with your new habits.

Please contact me to being exploring these new habits today.

Through therapy, you can work through your emotions and reactions to manage and handle them.

Therapy helps you create ways to handle the triggers, manage your reactions, and find a more hopeful and manageable future.

Contact me today to begin finding the way through your grief or trauma.

Therapy for

Trauma and Grief

Trauma and grief affect people years after the event which caused them. While PTSD is one of the more well-known responses to trauma, trauma and grief can lead to other mental health issues.

Therapy can help you bounce back from tragedy, whether you’re a combat veteran or a person losing a parent or child -- or getting a divorce.


and Therapy

Depression can be overwhelming, preventing people from even getting out of bed.

The negative thoughts which accompany depression can lead to isolation, pain, and self-defeat. Most importantly, it can lead to hopelessness and despair.

Therapy, however, can help you successfully manage depression. We work to find the underlying causes of your depression, and then develop strategies to make the changes you seek.

If we find, for example, that your house and clutter have “gotten beyond you”, we might craft a strategy of spending 20 minutes only on a task -- which leads to a visible change in those 20 minutes. Completed once per day over time, you’d find that much of the clutter is gone in short order.

Therapy helps you move past your depressive episodes, and you will be more hopeful once you know how to combat them.

Please contact me to begin your fight against depression.