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Healing Couples Therapy
in McLean, VA

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Signs You Need

Couples Therapy

Couples can become overwhelmed with the circumstances and events of life.

You may find that you fight regularly. You might feel you’re living with a roommate not a spouse.

Perhaps the passion you once felt is gone, or sexually life is unsatisfying or non-existent.

Maybe one of you has had--or has thought about--an affair.

Other events can put stress on a relationship--job loss, death of a loved one, health issues, infertility.


Take Work

Every person changes as time goes on--that’s part of life.

Your connection with your spouse has to accept and welcome that change. That requires you to find new ways to communicate and relate to each other.

That can take work, especially when the stresses and events of life also affect both of you.

You’ll need to find those new ways of communicating as well as create strategies for handling life together.

Your therapist can help you in this creative project.

Healing and


through Therapy

Events may have stressed your relationship.

Whether someone has had an affair, or economic issues overwhelm you, or problems are ignored, the strain can lead you both to a very negative place.

You should consider couples therapy if you see some of the following signs in your life:

·Feeling like you’re living separate lives
·Arguments repeat themselves
·Sex is non-existent or unpleasant for one or both of you
·An affair has happened or is being actively considered
·Finances are hidden from one party
·Intimacy is withheld as a form of punishment
·Problems are ignored

Therapy can help you create different patterns within the relationship and consider new ways of addressing issues.

These ways of managing stresses can build your ability to create a new, healthier, and stronger relationship.

We work step-by-step, issue-by-issue, to help you find a deeper level of commitment to and love for each other than you had thought possible.

Re-imagining how things can work will heal your relationship as well as lead to happier, more optimistic lives for each partner.

Call or email me to explore your relationship and how I can help you heal the things which cause the stresses in it.


for Couples 

When I work with couples, I focus on the causes of the distress and how they have worked to separate you both from each other.

Once we have found ways for you to understand and accept each other, we’ll talk about long-term coping strategies. Which strategies will work for you depend on the stresses we explored.