Problems Can Be Solved
Through Therapy

Transformative Personal Therapy In McLean, VA

Susan L. Gorman

The Benefits

of Therapy with

Susan Gorman 

One of the clear benefits of therapy is the reduction of conflict. Whether you have conflict because of work, your children, your family, your spouse -- or internal conflict -- therapy can help.

Therapy helps you work through the issues which cause conflict. In a non-judgmental setting, you’ll feel better about yourself. You will reconnect with the people in your life. You will be more effective. 

To reach these goals, you’ll need to find a therapist who’s a great fit for you. Part of establishing that great fit is ensuring your therapist truly understands the issues which trouble you.

I have worked with high-performing people for over 30 years. Through therapy, they reconnect with the people around them and are able to enjoy the benefits of their high performance.

Having expected success from myself, my husband, and my children, I understand the challenges success brings into any life. I grew up with brothers, and know the burden expectations can place on people.

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Therapy Helps

You Find Your Place 

Working with a therapist will help you become more effective in the important areas of your life.

One thing you’ll find -- you’re not alone. You need a space to talk about the concerns isolating you from your spouse, your children, your friends. And you need to talk with someone experienced in working with people in your situation.

Through therapy, you can once again be a great husband, father, and friend. Your work will be more satisfying. You will be more connected with the people and activities in your life. 

On the surface 

you have it all. 

Financial success, family, status -- all the things you’ve worked for. In fact, they’re the things you’ve been told you should work for.

But some things just don’t feel right for you, despite the apparent success.

Perhaps your marriage feels unrewarding, or you’ve been tempted to stray outside it (or you have strayed). Maybe you feel that you have failed as a father or parent. Sometimes you feel alone -- whether at home, at work, or in the community activities which are supposed to bring “fulfillment”.

And, worst of all, you see no prospect of change.

But change is possible -- through therapy.